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Information for South Africans travelling to Brazil (English)

General information to South Africans travelling to Brazil
Registration of South Africans Abroad (ROSA)

South Africans travelling abroad are encouraged to register their trips online via Registration of South Africans Abroad (ROSA)

ROSA allows the Department of International Relations and Cooperation to locate you and offer consular assistance in case of emergencies.

ROSA link:

VISA Requirements

South African passport holders are not required to obtain a visa before travelling to Brazil. Visa free entry into Brazil is valid for 90 days. It may be required that tourists satisfy immigration officers by proving that they have the means to support themselves during their stay and that they are in possession of return flight tickets. Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months with enough blank pages. To carry additional passport photographs is useful should you need an emergency travel certificate.

Yellow Fever Certificate

Visitors from the yellow-fever belt in the Americas and other countries as well as those, who travel through or disembark in these areas, have to be inoculated against the disease. It is recommended that you have the required inoculation at least 10 days before you travel .You will need to prove your inoculation status when you arrive back in South Africa by presenting a certificate.

Travel Insurance

It is strongly recommended that you take out travel insurance before travelling abroad. Travel insurance should cover hospitalisation and related medical costs as well as a possible emergency evacuation.


Portuguese is the official language of Brazil and is spoken by more than 99% of the population. Knowing a couple of words in Portuguese will be beneficial. Learn at least a few key phrases. A modest command of the local language will go a long way. English is also spoken by some Brazilians.


The operation of a foreign mobile phone number in Brazil depends on the technology used and on compatibility with Brazilian operators. Service tariffs vary depending on the operator. Before travelling please check with your South African service provider the conditions for using a mobile phone in Brazil. The following mobile service providers are available in Brazil: TIM (41), Claro (21), Oi (31), Vivo (15) and Nextel.

Phoning out of Brazil to South Africa

To make an international call to South Africa, the mobile number must be preceded by an international access code depending on the mobile operator followed by 27, South Africa's international country code. For example in case of Tim mobile operator, the number is 00 41 (operator code) then 27 followed by the relevant phone number excluding the zero.

Currency and Exchange

The Brazilian currency is the Real (R$). There are bills of R$2, R$5, R$10, R$20, R$50 and R$100. Dollars and travelers checks can be exchanged at the airports, banks, travel agencies and authorized hotels. All major credit cards can be used. Brazilian banks have developed an efficient Information Technology infrastructure, holders of major credit cards can use Brazilian ATMs to access their accounts and withdraw cash (other transactions are limited). Pin-based debit cards are accepted too and please remember to notify your bank in advance that you will be travelling abroad.


The electricity supply in South Africa is 220/230 volts AC 50Hz. Voltage in Brazil varies between 110V and 220V 60Hz, depending on the region. Adapters are obtainable locally. Voltage distribution varies in Brazil. Both Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo use 110V although some hotels might have plugs catering for 220v appliances.

Lost passports

It will not be a bad idea to travel around with certified photocopies of your valuable documents, keeping the originals in a safe place in a hotel. If you lose your passport, report the loss as soon as possible to the local police station. Take a copy of the police report to the Embassy/Consulate to apply for an emergency travel document.

Personal Security

We are exposed to crime everywhere in the world and basic precautionary measures will contribute to ensuring your safety.

  • Do not accept or carry parcels, baggage or any items that you have not packed personally.
  • Do not offer to collect parcels on behalf of other persons.
  • Never leave your luggage and other possessions unattended.
  • Possessing or smuggling drugs is a criminal offence in almost all countries.
  • In case of prescribed medication, carry a copy of the doctor's prescription.
  • Obtain information from the hotel in which you are staying on security related precautions in the area.
  • Remember to store valuables in the safety deposit box and keep your room locked at all times.

Preparation and knowledge are key to a successful trip abroad. When travelling abroad the laws of the foreign country apply to everybody. South Africans are not exempt from local foreign legislation and will not receive special treatment.

South Africans are encouraged to learn about the financial, customs, political, cultural and economic environment of Brazil to have a most enjoyable stay.

The above information serves as a guide only.

Our contact information:

South African Embassy:
Consular Hours: 09h00-12h00 (Monday to Friday)

Address: SES - Avenida das Nações, Lote 6, Quadra 801,
               Zip code: 70406-900 - Brasília/DF.
Phone: +55(61) 3312-9500 - Fax: +55(61) 3322-8491
Mobile: +55(61) 8612-2319

South African Consulate-General:
Consular Hours: 09h00-12h00 (Monday to Friday)

Address: Av. Paulista, 1754 - 12th floor
               Zip code: 01310-920 - São Paulo - SP.
Phone: +55(11) 3265-0449 - Fax: +55(11) 3285-1185
Mobile: +55(11) 98691-1638

MRE da África do Sul
Ministérios da África do Sul
South African Reserve Bank

Anuário da África do Sul

African Union


IBAS - Índia-Brasil-África do Sul

Passaporte e Vistos
Registration of South Africans Abroad (ROSA)
South African Police Clearance Certificates
Portal Oficial da África do Sul
South African Tourism
Indústria e Comércio
Min. da Indústria e Comércio
Links de Comércio



O Departamento de Comércio e Indústria nomeou representantes econômicos para mais de 55 grandes cidades no mundo com o propósito de promover as exportações, os investimentos, a transferência de tecnologia e as relações comerciais bilaterais com esses países. O escritório do Departamento Comercial em São Paulo não lida somente com relações comerciais de ambas as partes, mas também conduz as visitas que têm como finalidade o comércio com empresas brasileiras e de investimento nos setores alvo. Fornece também informações econômicas básicas sobre África do Sul e Brasil. O escritório de São Paulo é o Departamento Comercial do Consulado Geral da África do Sul. Ele é formado por diplomatas transferidos do Departamento de Comércio e Indústria na África do Sul e também por funcionários brasileiros.

Cônsul Comercial
Assistente de Marketing
Sr. W. van der Spuy
Sr. Mark Rabbitts
Sra. Vânia Del Rio Goularth
Endereço: Consulado Geral da África do Sul
Av: Paulista, 1754, 17º andar,
01310 920 São Paulo S.P
Contato: Tel:  (09 55 11) 3265-0441/0443
Fax: (09 55 11) 3288-3742

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I. A assistência às empresas Sul-Africanas inclui:


  • Fornecimento de informação e apoio nas oportunidades de exportação nos setores alvo.

  • Levantamento de feiras comerciais.

  • Promoção do acesso das mercadorias sul-africanas no mercado brasileiro por meio de pesquisas de mercado em setores alvo.

  • Promoção das relações entre as Micro, Pequenas e Médias empresas sul-africanas (SMMEs) com as brasileiras de mesmo porte e entre as instituições governamentais de Micro, Pequenas e Médias empresas de ambos os países.

  • Assistência para que sejam formadas joint ventures e para que sejam encontrados parceiros estratégicos com ênfase em investimentos internos.

  • Assistência a empresas que desejam explorar as oportunidades de investimentos externos fornecendo-lhes informações sobre o mercado brasileiro.

  • Indicação de como fazer negócios no Brasil.

II. Às empresas brasileiras o Departamento Comercial fornece informações e assistência sobre os seguintes assuntos:

  1. Fornecedores sul-africanos de produtos específicos. Para obter informações sobre produtos e serviços da África do Sul, favor enviar um e-mail ou contatar o Departamento Comercial;
  2. Informações sobre como investir na África do Sul;
  3. Informações sobre empresas sul-africanas interessadas em fazer parceria com empresas brasileiras;
  4. Informações gerais sobre a economia;
  5. Agendamento de reuniões comerciais durante missões;
  6. Transferência de tecnologia.

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Para exportar, as empresas brasileiras devem contatar:

Câmara de Comércio Brasil-África do Sul
Av. Paulista, 2.300 - 9º andar - Cj. 94/ CEP: 01310-300 - São Paulo - SP.
Tel. (11) 2125-7596
A/c.: Fernando de Oliveira
Embaixada brasileira na África do Sul



PIB 2009 : R2 450 bi (US$306 bi)
PIB per capita : R49.696 (US$6 212 )
Crescimento do PIB 2009 : -1,8%
Inflação 2009 (CPIX) : 7,1 %
Exportações 2009 : US$67,93 bi
Dí vida externa/PIB 2009 : 21,1%
Desemprego 2009 : 24,5%
Taxa de juros básico : 10,5%

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Relação da Economia Sul Africana

Reservas mundiais de metais e minérios:

80% Manganês

72% Cromo

88% Platina

40% Ouro

27% Vanádio

Comércio exterior:

Principais exportações: metais preciosos, carvão, ligas de ferro, minério de ferro, automóveis e seus componentes, maquinários, manganês, alumínio, uvas frescas aço inoxidável, vinhos e aço.

Principais produtos importados pela África do sul: petróleo, automóveis e seus componentes, aviões, aparelhos transmissores, computadores e periféricos, farmacêuticos, diamantes, corindo artificial, turbinas e aparelhos de telecomunicações.

Principais parceiros comerciais: China, EUA, Alemanha, Japão, Reino Unido, Índia, Holanda, Zimbábue, Suíça e Moçambique

Comércio com o Brasil:

Comércio com o Brasil

Principais produtos sul-africanos exportados para o Brasil: metais preciosos, carvão, motores, aço, ligas de ferro, hidrocarbonetos, autopeças, herbicidas e tebutiuron.

Principais produtos brasileiros exportados à África do Sul: chassis e autopeças, automóveis, carne, açúcar, maquinário, equipamento elétrico, fumo, grãos, aço e plásticos.



Automotive Industry Export Council (AIEC)
PO Box 40611
Arcadia, 0007
Tel: (27 12) 323-2980 Fax: (27 12) 326-3232 / 325-6603

Capital Equipment Export Council
145 Bayley Street
Farrarmere, 1501
Tel/Fax: (27 11) 849-7388

Clothing Export Council
No 6 Hawthornden Road
Kenilworth, 7700
Tel: (27 21) 761-6421 Fax: (27 21) 761-6421

Fresh Produce Exporters Forum / Fruit South Africa
P O Box 190
Tel (27 21) 674 3202 Fax (27 21) 683 6280

South African Boatbuilders Business Council
P O Box 444
Tel: (27 21) 425 7837 Fax: (27 21) 425 0722

SA Cosmetics Export Council (SACEC)
26 St Andrews Ave, Bordeaux, 2194
Tel.& Fax (011) 8864087

SA Electrotechnical Export Council
PostNet Suite No. 100
Private Bag X132
Telephone Number: (27 11) 315 0209 Fax Number: (27 11) 315 2276 /

S. A. Flower Industry Council (ASSO Flowers)
PO Box 1927
Krugersdorp, 1740
Tel./Fax: (27 11) 692-4237

SA Footwear & Leather Export Council
P.O. Box 5561, Durban 4000, South Africa
TEL:(27 31) 566 2352  FAX:(27 31) 566 5130

S A International Steel Fabricators
PO Box 1338
Johannesburg, 2000
Tel: (27 11) 838 1665 Fax: (011) 838-4301

SA Textile Industry Export Council (SATIEC)
PO Box 272
Bellville, 7535
Tel: (27 21) 959-4162 Fax: (27 21)-959-4167

South African Wire Business Council
94 Brickfield Road
Postnetsuite 67
P/Bag X10020
Tel (27 11) 453 0921/5629 Fax (27 11) 453 9653

Wines of South Africa
156 Dorp Street
Tel. (27 21) 883 3860 Fax (27 21) 883 3861

South African Print & Packaging Export Council
P O Box 1225
Tel. (27 11) 787 4300 Fax (27 11) 787 2407

Steel Tube Export Council
P O Box 18587
Sunward Park
Tel. & Fax. (27 11) 823 2377




Aluminum Federation of South Africa (AFSA)
PO Box 423
Isando, 1600
Tel: (27 11) 4533339 Fax: (27 11) 4533403

Rail Road Association (RRA)
PO Box 103
Tel: (2711) 761-2434 Fax: (2711) 474-3582

SA Dairy Foundation
P O Box 72300
Tel (2712) 348 5345 Fax (27 12) 348 6284

SA Aerospace Maritime & Defence Industries Association
P O Box 9369
Tel. (27 12) 428 3080 Fax (27 12) 428 3081

SA Iron & Steel Institute (SAISI)
P O Box 6316
Tel. (27 12) 320 2450 Fax: (27 12) 320 1150

South African Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors (SAFCEC)
P O Box 644
Tel. (27 11) 455 1700 Fax (2711) 450 1715

South African Association of Consulting Engineers
P O Box 68482
Tel (27 11) 463 2022 Fax (27 11) 463 7383

Stainless Steel Business Council
PO Box 4479
Rivonia, 2128
Tel: (27 11) 803-5610 Fax: (27 11) 803-2011

Meat Exporters of South Africa
P O Box 36802
Tel. (27 12) 361 4545 Fax (27 12) 361 9837

Vegetable Joint Action Group
P O Box 31655
Totiusdal, Pretoria 0134
Tel (27 12) 332 0696 Fax (2712) 332 0547

SA Equine Trade Council
P O Box 29018
Tel & Fax (27 11) 646 9706

SA Jewellery JAG
P O Box 1659
Tel : (27 11) 880 1713 Fax : (27 11) 880 1714

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